20. Tallest Bike.

Richie Trimble built the tallest bike in the world named STOOPIDTALLER, towering over 20 feet in height

19. Back to Back Tandem Bike

Back to Back Tandem bike is weird Tandem back where riders face the opposite directions and rear cyclist pedals backwards, It was first seen on a youtube video from 2006.


Image Credits Flickr

18. Camper Bike

Camper Bike was created by an artist named Kevin Cyr, Who took inspiration from Beijing Triscyclists carrying huge loads of cargo on their TriCycle,
In and Interview he said. “The idea first came to me while I working in Beijing. I was joking with a friend that the only thing not on the back of bikes in China are houses. I had been seeing people, mostly working class men hauling goods on three wheeled bikes—rickshaws with bamboo flat beds. They were carrying huge loads of foam and plastic for recycling, furniture, and building materials. There were also a lot of food venders at open markets cooking meals on the backs of these bikes, it was very interesting. They seemed to use them in every way imaginable much in the way Americans use pick-up trucks.”
It took 3 years for him to complete this project.


Pic Credits:- Awesome Jelly

17. Hydrofoil Bike

Manta5, a New Zealand based company developed a bicycle on which you can cycle around on lakes and beaches, this bike is designed to reduce work load on the cyclist by adding a electric motor controlled propeller which intern runs on the power generated by pedaling.

Pic Credits:- Manta5

16. Spider Bike

Metro Diverse services created this 8 legged weird looking bike for his entertainment, this 8 legged metal spider looking bike is operated by two people handing each side of the bike.

15. Floating Bike.

Judah Schiller, A San Francisco resident created a floating bike using his Mountain bike and an Italian Bike kit, The kit can fit in a backpack and consists of two inflatable pontoons, a small propeller and a mount that attaches to the bicycle. It takes about 15 minutes to set it all up and five minutes to take it down

Pic:- Grist

14. Longest Bike

Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg, a dutch cycling organization built the longest bike in the world measuring an astonishing 35.79 m (117 ft 5 in) long. This bike secured a place in Guinness World Records in 2016, however their record was broken by the Australians who created an ever longer bike at 1.42 m (135 ft 10.7 in) and ridden in Adelaide. Australia


Pic:- Guinness World Records

13. Kwiggle Bike

A startup company had an idea of creating a compact bicycle which can fit into a backpack, surprisingly the idea had rised a lot of money on kickstarter(a crowdfunding) company where people could fund interesting projects which has lack of direct funding, The idea blow a lot of people and secured the money, Now born a Kwiggle Bike,

Kwiggle Compact Bike Pic:- New Atlas

12. Flying Bike

Flying Bike is created by two British flight enthusiasts, John Foden and Yannick Read, christened XploreAir Paravelo Flying Bicycle, The BMX bike which can be converted into an aircraft which can travel at a speed of 15 miles an hour on road and 25 Miles an hour in air and can reach upto 4000feet above ground.

Pic:- ABC News

11. Bicymple

Bicymple bike was invented by Josh Bechtel which also got funding from the crowdfunding company Kickstarter, Bicymple is a simplified version of the bike which doesn’t have a chain and pedal is directly connected to the rear wheel.

Pic:- Bicymple

10. Sideways Bike

Sideways bike is invented by anIrish Inventer, Michael Killan, a Software engineer from Dublin. Sideways bike, also known as Snowboard bike, which originally taken inspiration from a snowboard, where the rider will be facing sideways. Looks like a bad idea though on a bicycle.

Pic:- Sidewaysbike

9. Hula Hoop Bike

Hula Loop bike was designed to do hula loops on road with a single wheel surrounding the rider..

8. Varna tempest Bike

Brand Varna a Bulgarian company specified in Human-Powered Vehicles designed Varna Tempest, the fastest human-propelled bike on earth reaching speed of around 133.28 PM per Hour.

Pic:- Flickr

7. K-Trak Snow Bike

K-Track is a traction system that you can adapt to most of the mountain bikes in the market. This special attachment consists of a rear wheel attachment designed to propel the tyre in snow and the front wheel is replaced by a ski to glide through dense snow.



6. World’s Most expensive Bike

Trek Butterfly Madone, the most expensive bike in the world was designed by Damien Hirst, a British entrepreneur, who decided to decorate the whole bicycle with real like butterfly wings, This bike was used by Lance Armstrong in the 2009 Tour de France race. It fetched an amazing $500,000 at a Sotheby’s cancer benefit charity auction, making it top of the pops in our list of most expensive bikes.

Pic:- Bicistickers

6. Gold Bike

This 24K gold plated and crystal handbuilt limited edition bike was designed by a French company Aurumania which can be bought at a staggering $103K, Now that’s a bike i never want to have.

Pic:- Stylepantry

5. Elliptogo Bike

The World’s first outdoor elliptical bike was designed for Runners using the elliptical machine in gym. By this you can have both the elliptical and cycling machine in one and a bonus to explore the nature and life outside a sweat smelling gym.

Pic:- Gizmodo

4. Monster wheel bike

The Monster bike is pennyfarthing bicycle fitted with a full size monster truck wheel in front, Which makes this hard to pedal and looks you can barely move this monstrosity from your street.

Pic:- Pinterest

3. Fliz Bike

The fliz concept bicycle experiments with this idea and employs a harness system that the rider can hang from, rather than sit on the frame. this makes the rider run to build up momentum before placing their feet on a set of treads located near the rear wheel.

Pic:- New Atlas

2. Shoe Bike

Instead of tubes and tires, this bike comes with 12 high-performance sneakers—boasting Continental Tire tread soles, of course, and Adidas’ iconic striping on the sides—arranged into two wheels and attached to a yellow frame.

Pic:- bicycling

1. Nisttarkya Bike

The Nisttarkya is India’s First electric concept bike designed and developed by Santhosh from Mysore, a southern city in India. This bike is known to be the most ergonomic and most aerodynamic bicycle which simulates a Race biker seating position, The Nisttarkya e-bike gets its power from three 36 V rechargeable batteries. The bike weighs 40 kg and both wheels have a size of 3.00×18 inches. Its 36v 350 watts powered by a hub motor. Imagine the adrenaline on this thing!

Pic:- Crazy Engineers
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